Нийгмийн хариуцлага

Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Унаач хүүхдүүдийн шагнал

    In order to ensure safety of children participating horse racing competition and to promote their work and success, the company initiated a tradition to award the children who won and topped the national festival race with 999 grade gold bars. Accordingly 30 children were awarded with sum of 30 million tugrugs in 2012 and 45 children were awarded with sum of 45 million tugrugs in 2013 and 2014.
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    77-р сургуулийн заалны иж бүрэн тохижилт

    In 2010, sports education room, two dressing rooms, restrooms and corridors of 77th secondary school were restored.
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    Бэлх хүүхдийн тоглоомын талбай

    In 2014, we built and handed over a completely innovative \"Children’s playground area\" for children and youth in XVIII Khoroo, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar.
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    1-р төрөхийн лаборатори тохижуулалт

    In 2008, the laboratory center facilities at the First Maternity Hospital in Ulaanbaatar were restored
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